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3Win8 Casino is Gaining Attentions

In 2016, 3Win8 Casino could be the next most talked about mobile online slot games after the 918Kiss and SCR888. Yes, it is very new to most of the people. Nonetheless, it has already gained tractions in the local online casino market. Could it be the next rising star in Online Casino Malaysia? My answer is YES. Just look at its game graphic design as well as game structure layout, simple yet detailed. Players can easily get adapted to its game design as it is quite similar with SCR888 and SKY3888. More and more players start to play 3Win8 casino games. And they really love playing its mobile slot games.

Unlimited Game Choices in 3Win8 Casino

You might have one question comes to your mind: why could players accept 3Win8 Casino so quickly? In fact, most of the Malaysian online casino players have pretty high requirements towards online gambling products. Malaysia is considered one of the most mature markets in terms of online betting industry. I gotta say it’s not easy to make a big name for a new online betting product. So, what’s so special about 3Win8 Casino? One of the biggest highlights is that it offers a wide variety of mobile slot games. Most of these games are of high popularity within the local space. Let us take a quick a look at some of the household slot games offered by 3Win8 Casino:

Highway Kings

Never heard of Highway Kings? You must be kidding me. Almost every single online casino player would have experience of playing Highway Kings before. The newer version of Highway Kings, the Highway Kings Pro, is another major breakthrough over these years. There is a huge difference between the older and the newer version. The older one is just a plain vanilla version of only Dollar Ball Game. Just in case you get confused, Dollar Ball Game is the path to Progressive Jackpots for Highway Kings’ players. However, in the newer version, there is much more fun to be found by players. There are free bonus games in the form of mini-games. This has significantly increased the attractiveness of Highway Kings. In 3Win8 Casino, you can enjoy more in playing Highway Kings as its graphic design is even better.

Monkey Thunderbolt

It’s undeniable that Monkey Thunderbolt is one of the most popular mobile slot games ever in the history of Malaysian online casino industry. It has less complex and precise winning payout structure so players can easily learn how to play the game. Some of the Malaysia slot game players would prefer simpler game design. This is why Monkey Thunderbolt is always the top favorite of all. This is also aided by its high-quality animation that increases the level of enjoyments. 3Win8 Casino recognizes the popularity of Monkey Thunderbolt, and re-design its graphic to make it looks even more attractive. Moreover, 3Win8 Casino offers higher winning payout and players can easily win from Monkey Thunderbolt.

Wukong aka Monkey Story Plus

Wukong represents the best multiplayer slot games in Malaysia. It is so-called “the best” because it’s just too irresistible to most of the players. The reason why Wukong is so successful could be attributed to its incredible graphic design that always catches the players’ eyeballs. Regularly, online casino players would play Wukong in other mobile slot game products such ash ClubSunCity, PlayBoy888, and GreatWall99. Nevertheless, I would definitely recommend 3Win8 if you are willing to try out new stuff. But why? It perfectly presents Wukong game details within tiny mobile screens without compromising quality. Playing Wukong in 3Win8 Casino will make you feel like playing inside a real illegal gambling den. Colour mix has been improved, thus offering clearer screen resolution. You should really check out the “new” Wukong in 3Win8 Casino and you will definitely love it.

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