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SCR888 Live

The SCR888 Live Gaming is the best experience of the online gaming in Malaysia. It is one of the online entertainment. And the SCR888 Live Gaming had enjoyed by over millions of the people. In another word, the SCR888 Live Gaming is calling as 918Kiss Casino. They are providing the Online Gambling Games. It is similar with the land-based casino, but it will be more interesting during the gameplay.

To play the SCR888 Live, they need the player has an account to enter the game. But where can the player get an account? Here, to contact the SCR888 Live Chat Team to get the SCR888 free ID to explore the SCR888 Games.

SCR888 Casino

The SCR888 Casino can’t be denied in Malaysia. There are more than a million Malaysian players are playing the game daily. Nowadays, they become the Malaysia’s hottest Online Casino and become unbeatable. The SCR888 Casino is operating the online casino industry more than 5 years.

Besides that, the SCR888 previously called as SKY3888. Believe some of the players recognize the name. Yes, the SKY3888 Casino doesn’t longer exist. Now, it replaces with the SCR888 Casino. Both of them are the similar platform and the games. Nothing much differences between the Casinos.

SCR888 Download

In order to get into the SCR888 Live, it doesn’t merely need the account. The players have to download the SCR888 Casino into the device. As it merely supports on the mobile device and tablet, others not support.

With the downloadable casino, it won’t always cost the data to play the game. Some more it will fast responding, as the system has done download into the phone. What if the game play on the HTML5, it needs to load every time once enter the website. It will be costing the data and time to loading for the game. SCR888 Apps is the best.

SCR888 APK and SCR888 iOS

The SCR888 Casino is providing two types of the folders for the players to download – SCR888 APK and SCR888 iOS. Both of them are the format file used by the device for the development and installation. The SCR888 APK is installing on the Android, and the SCR888 iOS is supporting on the Apple device. The file cannot be installed into the different devices, it will be useless.

Casino Games on the SCR888 Live

Nevertheless, the SCR888 Live is including three differences types of the Online Casino Games. There are the Online Slot Games, Table Games, and Arcade Games. With those casino games, they have a total of 123 casino games allow the player to play. That’s a lot of the casino games.

On the other hand, the slot games of the SCR888 Casino has more than 60% of the game list. As many people, more enjoyable with the slot game rather than other casino games. Because the most of their slots are inserted with the progressive jackpot. The jackpot will win more than a thousand prizes, and everyone has the chance to win it. It will be super glad to trigger the progressive jackpot.

Redeem the SCR888 Bonus Promotion

Every SCR888 agent is providing the bonus promotion to their downline, for the greater service and benefits. The bonus promotion of SCR888 Live allows the players to have more credits after deposit. It will bring a lot of the benefits to the players while gaming.

Drag the Gaming Period

With more game credits, the players able to use the credit to gambling budget. It will be the most enjoyable session to play the casino games for a long period.

Increase the Winning Odds

Thus, use the bonus promotion, those credits will help the players to increase the winning odds. For example, the player’s betting budget on $1. With the extra credits, the player able to use the credit and apply onto the betting budget to $2 or more. If the game loses, the player won’t lose much, as they place $1 for betting. What if the game win, then they will win much than the current bet. Right?


The SCR888 Live Gaming is the best Online Casino in Malaysia. They provide many benefits to their players. Within the Malaysia, merely the SCR888 Casino provides more than 100 casino games on the site. Some more the SCR888 Casino allows their players to have a high payout chance on the gaming. It is great to gaming with the SCR888 Live.

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